care of your le loup

How do I take care of my Le Loup?

DO NOT wet them.

DO NOT introduce in machine wash.

Maintain with soft brushes or cloths. If you spill any liquid, dry it immediately with a clean cloth or a dry absorbent sponge. Do not rub it. Then dry it with a clean towel and let the item dry in the environment, not in the sun because it discolors the leather. Never dry the material with a dryer, as heat can damage it and dry the leather. The leathers can present variations or irregularities in their tonality and drawings that make the authenticity of the material used. There are no two equal leathers since it is a natural product.

Metallic leathers:
They are sensitive to friction. With the friction you can wear its original brightness and color. They are sensitive to scratches. They should be used very carefully as they cannot be protected or cleaned.

Keep clean with cloth. They are sensitive to scratches. Being a shiny and polished surface, natural wrinkles from use will be more visible.

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