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Combining ballet, design, and a free and relaxed lifestyle, Le Loup (“the wolf” in French) was born in 2011 in Buenos Aires, with the idea of reinventing the classic ballerinas in innovative handmade models made in leather, offering something really distinctive. Our proposal is very versatile. All our models are designed for any look and situation, designed for day and night, to go to the office or to a party, to travel and walk (much … comfort allows it!).

Le Loup presents innovative and exclusive designs in its appliques and details, as well as in its handmade confection, with a lot of energy in its accents.

Our iconic piece is the “GEMMA”, perfect fit, with simple design but complex construction. An urban ballerina designed from a ballet shoe.

In our manufacturing process we are committed to the care of the environment. For this, we carefully select our suppliers, and buy leather specifically tanned with vegetables, not metals.

Currently, our products leave the factory in bags made of industrial textile waste, and therefore the variety of colors.

Le Loup is a company in a strong process of expansion, but it travels that way without forgetting its most intrinsic values: not to go after mass consumption, nor to the rhythm that fashion imposes, but to create pieces that fall in love with its users.

Who we integrate Le Loup think that transparency and honesty in business is and will be a key factor in the next collaborative economy. Our business paradigm is based on sustainable development, taking into account the creation of social and environmental value, in a transversal way at each stage of the processes.

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